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Patriotic Alternative Conference 2021: Mark Collett – PA 11012101

Laura Towler introduces Mark Collett, whose speech was about truth and the road to victory.

Victory is something you work towards, taking in the smaller victories along the way and taking nourishment from them.

Smaller victories such as this being the biggest ethno-nationalist conference this millennium and achieved with no advertising or use of the mailing list.

Victories every weekend when PA regional groups are out on community building activities all around the country.

There have been these and many more, but the greatest victory of all has been us changing the dissident right discourse completely from talking about Islam, to talking about demographics and the importance of remaining a White majority.

Patriotic Alternative sets new standards for the rest to keep up with and signposts the way on the road to victory.

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Speech by Mark Collett

Patriotic Alternative Conference 2021: Mark Collett – PA 11012101


The Patriotic Alternative Conference  speeches will continue today and tomorrow.
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