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Patriotic Alternative Conference: Millennial Woes – PA 0909195

Millennial Woes speaks to the first Patriotic Alternative conference about the dishonesty that is inherent in our society and what we can do about it.

Everyone knows it was a lie that Jeffrey Epstein committed suicide and Assad was not killing his own people, yet to speak up about this means you are labelled a conspiracy theorist.

We can even be accused of madness for pointing out easily observable truths such as race and gender not being social constructs.

But when we do and we stick to the truth, our spirit is invigorated by it and we know that what we have done is right and we have integrity.

It is this struggle in itself to do good against evil, that gives our lives their meaning.

Register for the Patriotic Alternative here.

Speech by Millennial Woes

Patriotic Alternative Conference: Millennial Woes – PA 0909195


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