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PA Book Club: Marcus Follin on ‘Dauntless’ – PA 013022

Mark Collett and the panel are joined by The Golden One to review his book ‘Dauntless’

The book itself is very well presented with a great cover and a premium feel to its binding.

Marcus wanted to give men the information he wished he had been told when he was young.

The book is filled with the sort of advice and inspiration he provides on his Youtube channel.

Aunt Sally really loved the book as it teaches fathers and sons how to really fulfil their potential.

Sam really enjoyed the latter half which contains Marcus’ views on politics and culture.

Mark found it an easy and digestible read with self-contained sections.

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Presented by Mark Collett, Sam Melia and Aunt Sally

PA Book Club: Marcus Follin on ‘Dauntless’ – PA 013022


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