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PA Monthly Update: November – PA 112621

Mark Collett and Laura Towler cover the month’s news from Patriotic Alternative.

The conference appears to have really energised everyone with much activity going on this month.

Multiple wreathes were placed at memorials all over the country for Remembrance Sunday.

This wasn’t a planned activity, but every region spontaneously honoured the occasion showing a unity of purpose nationwide.

PA Wales have been drawing attention to the Holodomor, PA East Mids drew attention for protesting against a supermarket and West Mids protested against Islamic expansion and replacement of Christianity.

PA North West protested against the Church of England aiding a terrorist and stood steadfast in the face of state intimidation.

The Patriotic Arts Community now has its own website, where you can find PA music, art, film and poetry.

The regions have all been busy with community building activities and protests, generating news headlines and local radio reports.

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Presented by Mark Collett and Laura Towler

PA Monthly Update: November – PA 112621


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