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Patriotic Alternative Conference 2021: Laura Towler – PA 11022106

Mark Collett introduces the final speech of the day by PA deputy leader Laura Towler.

Laura talks about the butterfly effect, beginning by outlining the obstacles being put in our path by the establishment.

How our ability to talk about the situation is hampered by restrictions on our free speech and the law is used to try and outlaw anyone who cares about the situation.

She moves on to the death of George Floyd and the widespread awakening of White people that followed, with the predictable response of the establishment with wholesale censorship of those noticing what is going on.

The statistics show that everything Black Lives Matter and the media are telling us is a lie. Anyone who looks up the figures can see this.

Those that have not, have still seen our statues pulled down and our shops set on fire.

No other event has brought more people to Nationalism than Floyd’s death and the response to it.

The tide is turning and tomorrow we live.

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Speech by Laura Towler

Patriotic Alternative Conference 2021: Laura Towler – PA 11022106


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