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PA Monthly Update: May – PA 052821

Mark Collett and Laura Towler co-host the monthly update for the Patriotic Alternative community.

The Police came around for Sam again, as they have been unable to get into the devices they took from him.

They had no evidence to prove any of their claims against him and he was released again, but on bail this time.

Mark has had one bank account frozen and another shut down completely, at the same time as having his Youtube channel deleted.

The HSBC account can still accept donations up until July and cash and crypto has not been effected.

A new leaflet has been produced promoting our love for the countryside and concern for the environment.

The regions have all been busy with hikes, barbecues, fitness days and helping with electioneering for independent Nationalists.

There has also been litter-picking and tributes paid to Drummer Lee Rigby and the Manchester Arena victims.

The Patriotic Arts Community have created a new video and they will have a website up soon.

Details of a conference will be released once the lockdown has lifted in time for the next update.

Presented by Mark Collett and Laura Towler

Patriotic Alternative Update: May – PA 052821


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