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PA Monthly Update: February – PA 022522

Mark Collett and Laura Towler discuss the month’s activities of Britain’s largest and most active Nationalist community.

Mark begins by letting us know he had his bank account removed for the fourth time earlier this week and for the fifth time tonight.

The hypocrisy of condemning Russia and China for the way it treats its dissidents, when our own countries allow this to happen is breath taking.

Laura’s has gone as well and both these accounts were personal accounts, not used for anything political.

This is open political persecution and financial intimidation.

Tony Girling comes on the show to talk about preparations for standing as an independent in his local elections.

His regional group helped pick litter, clear snow and started laying the groundwork for when the election comes round.

Almost 15,000 leaflets were delivered in South End praising the Conservative Party’s love for immigration, helping the Conservative Party to lose over half the votes they took last time.

PA also have new anti-grooming gang leaflets, targeting the government’s policies that allowed this crime to happen.

The regional activities roundup includes banner drops at migrant hotels, city centres and motorways, fitness challenges, leafletting, hiking, visits to the national gallery and the British museum, workshops, litter picking, local museums, helping the homeless, trips to the seaside, live streams, written articles, castle visits, camping, barbecuing, woodland walks, pub lunches, church visits, waterfall walks, demonstrations, outreach to civ-nats, networking with neighbouring regions, endurance hiking and local campaigns to save our heritage.

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Presented by Mark Collett and Laura Towler

PA Monthly Update: February – PA 022522


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