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Patriotic Alternative Conference 2021: Wesley Russell – PA 11012103

Mark Collett introduces Wesley Russell, who talks about immigration and the history of the Conservative Party.

The Conservative Party once actually stood up for the indigenous British people with the Aliens Restriction Acts of 1904 and 1914.

They made it illegal for non-indigenous people to enter our state institutions and civil service, as there would clearly be a conflict of interests there.

But over the last century this attitude changed and they became the biggest cheerleaders for diversity, presiding over the highest immigration levels ever recorded and putting many non-ethnic Britons into important positions.

They went on to reform divorce law, sign the UN Global Migration Pact, promote homosexuality and change the definition of marriage entirely.

People like to blame Labour for our situation, but three quarters of the time the Conservatives have been in power and they have done nothing to conserve our traditions, our values or our way of life.

The only people who do want to preserve them, are Patriotic Alternative.

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Speech by Wesley Russell

Patriotic Alternative Conference 2021: Wesley Russell – PA 11012103


The Patriotic Alternative Conference  speeches will continue today and tomorrow.
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