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Patriotic Alternative Conference: Professor Edward Dutton – PA 0909197

Dr Edward Dutton closed the first Patriotic Alternative conference with a tub thumping inspirational speech on why high functioning Nationalists are the pinnacle of our current generation.

Dr Dutton sets out to explain why the Left are so ugly and the Right so beautiful, as both quality and quantity are related.

Those with symmetrical features have healthy genes and a healthy mind which will have positive ideas.

Those with ugly features must also have a mutation of the mind and this is why they come up with maladaptive ideas.

Because Darwinian selection was defeated in the 19th century by advances in medicine and hygiene, 90% of the people alive today have this elevated mutational load.

This explains the growth of suicidal Leftist ideas along with the expansion of their mutant carriers in the population.

Eventually it all has to return to normal though, as the mutants’ ideas will get so far away from the purpose of life that the they will stop breeding altogether and we see that happening now.

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Speech by Edward Dutton

Patriotic Alternative Conference: Professor Edward Dutton – PA 0909196


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