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PA Monthly Update: April – PA 050122

Mark Collett and Laura Towler finish off ‘Demographic Replacement Awareness Month of April’.

DRAMA reached its goal of 100,000 leaflets delivered and a banner was flown over the Etihad stadium on the biggest match of the year.

This worked very well, because national and international press thought they had a scoop by exposing PA as being behind it and traffic to the website saw a huge boost.

Claire Ellis won the prize for this most audacious piece of activism, but there were also other original videos produced to draw attention to the issue.

All the regions delivered thousands of leaflets resulting in multiple mentions in the mainstream media and the Eastern region delivered over 30,000 taking the prize.

138,000 were delivered in all through the regional groups with two activists posting over 6,000 each individually.

There will be a hitjob documentary telling the usual lies about PA on Channel 4 next Monday.

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Presented by Mark Collett and Laura Towler

PA Monthly Update: April – PA 050122


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