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PA Monthly Update: March – PA 032522

Mark Collett and Laura Towler are joined by Regional Organisers for the monthly Patriotic Alternative Update.

PA have a big promotional drive planned for April, to make the public aware that indigenous Britons are forecast to be a minority in Britain by 2066.

Most people are against this when they hear about it and a third are unaware of it, while only 4% think it is a good thing and 7 out of 10 think it is a bad thing.

There are 100,000 leaflets to be delivered and everyone is encouraged to get as much publicity for the date as possible.

There are competition prizes for the most publicity gained and the most leaflets delivered.

Tim the West Midlands Organiser joins, they have around 25 regular activists at each event and the PA record for the largest regional litter pick, 106 bags.

West Mids have a very good media team that did the video blogs for the conference and are constantly looking for ways to improve.

Steve from the eastern region joins, he has been involved in Nationalism since the BNP and sees PA as an entirely new way of doing politics where you build the community first.

The eastern region were responsible for the ‘conservative party immigration success’ leaflet campaign, delivering 15000 leaflets in 3 weeks, with the conservative vote dropping by the same number of leaflets.

They have also been building hedgehog boxes, bird boxes and dropping wild flower balls to help with rewilding the British countryside.

PA is attracting highly educated and very talented people, who want to take part in a Nationalist community.

The PA regional groups have been involved in homeless outreach, river side litter picks, indoor climbing, museum visits, hikes, gym workouts, book studies, eating out, a response in Dover to the P and O scandal, life skills course in mechanics, life skills course in growing crops, visiting the seaside, visiting memorials, leafletting, attending the PA conference, launching new businesses, banner drops, forest walks, valley walks, pub meals, building hedgehog houses, a Kriss Donald memorial service, writing articles for the PA website, trip on a steam train, cultural visits to historic cities, getting letters published in local newspapers, coffee mornings, protecting statues, church visits, brewery tours, live streams, fitness events and electioneering with like minded political groups.  

If you are interested in taking part, find out more about Patriotic Alternative HERE

Presented by Mark Collett and Laura Towler

PA Monthly Update: March – PA 032522


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