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PA Monthly Update: December – PA 123121

Mark Collett and Laura Towler host the last update of the year and a look back over 2021 with the PA Regional Organisers.

Laura brings the happy news of the arrival of baby Catherine after 37 hours of labour.

Joe comes on to talk about how successful the Wales banner drops have been in getting outraged journalists to forward our message to their readers.

Clare talks about the speech she gave at the remembrance service, collections for veterans and the beautiful pictures they took for Indigenous People’s Day.

Sam points out how welcoming PA social events are and how successful the direct approach of giving out leaflets in town centres has been.

The highlight for Simon was the Ben Nevis banner drop which won Scotland the WLM award and international coverage.

Stephen from PA Northeast talks about their monthly homeless outreach project and the people that reached out to him to offer their help.

Kenny is pleased with the vetting system and how it has increased trust within the community.

Laura thought the summer camp was the highlight of the year and for Mark it was Sam and Laura becoming a family.

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Presented by Mark Collett and Laura Towler

PA Monthly Update: December – PA 123121


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