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Patriotic Alternative Conference 2021: Sam Melia – PA 11012102

Mark Collett introduces Sam Melia, the Yorkshire Regional Organiser for Patriotic Alternative.

Sam talks about how quickly populist movements can be hijacked and neutered, or turned into promoting the ideals of the regime.

This is why it is essential to be grounded in an idea, which attracts the ideologues, who inspire the activists who then promote the idea.

The activists who promote this idea, are then backed up by the community they are building around them.

As the community expands its ranks, it attracts more ideologues and the cycle begins again.

The idea itself entails a life full of meaning, a purpose and a drive to create a better future.

Its what White people were created for.

Find out more about Patriotic Alternative HERE

Speech by Sam Melia

Patriotic Alternative Conference 2021: Sam Melia – PA 11012101


The Patriotic Alternative Conference speeches will continue today and tomorrow.
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