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Aryan Insights: Jez Turner–The London Forum

Jez Turner (right) receives an award for services to his country at the John Tyndall Memoial Meeting 2015.

Sven Longshanks interviews Jez Turner the spokesman and main organiser for The London Forum.

Jez has been involved in Nationalism for decades, as a member of the various different political parties and now as the driving force behind the London Forum, a non-aligned meeting place and think-tank for nationalists. Shaking up the general public’s perception of nationalism, the Forum has highly intellectual and well-spoken guests, that would never get a chance for their ideas to be heard in the mainstream media.

Jez talks about how the London Forum came to be and how it was the New Right that gave him the idea. He has seen Nationalism change from being mainly made up of skinheads, to the wide variety of people that are involved now and the resurgence of the movement among a younger demographic.

He has also become something of a frontman at various demonstrations, from the White Man March in Liverpool to the Shomrim protests in London. The speech at the latter has seen him be interviewed by the police on possible hate crime charges, for protesting the Jewish parallel police force that operates in London, regardless of the laws against such organisations.

This year has also seen him take part in the ‘Forgotten British Heroes’ campaign highlighting British victims of Israeli terrorism that took place after the second great civil war in Europe. Many of these were British servicemen, who the establishment would rather pretend never existed. No wreath is laid for them on Remembrance Sunday.

Finally this year Jez has been protesting outside the Syrian embassy about Britain’s involvement in the destablisation of Syria and the defamation of its president Bashar al Assad.

Throughout everything that Jez has been involved in there has always been one unifying thread, a love for his race and and a desire to serve his people rather than the idol of materialism. The last part of the interview deals with this more spiritual aspect of our struggle and how courage and bravery are both essential parts of the White psyche.

Hosted by Sven Longshanks with special guest Jez Turner

Aryan Insights: Jez Turner – The London Forum - AI 121215


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