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Albion Narrations: 'The Truth About Lynching and the Negroes in the South'


There are a lot of lies told about lynching. Originally it did not even mean an execution, but could have meant being tarred and feathered, or just run out of town on a rail. There were many Whites who were lynched too, it was not an exclusive punishment for Blacks, although due to them committing more violent crimes there were more of them lynched than Whites.

Lynching was required because there was no police force back then and often the nearest court house was hundreds of miles away. There needed to be a harsh deterrent for crime in order to keep the people safe. Often there were dozens of 'Negroes' working for just one small White family and an uprising could easily have caused the deaths of the entire family, so out of fear of that happening, lynching was resorted to as a deterrent.

There were also far more lynchings in the last days of slavery than before, as the 'Negroes' were originally quite happy with their status and never would have dreamed of attacking their masters if they had not been tampered with by the abolitionists. All that changed after the war though and once the slaves were freed, the crime rate shot through the roof.

They were still only executed for capital crimes such as rape, murder and arson, nobody wanted to kill Blacks for being Black. Quite the opposite, many of their former masters saw the slaves as being child-like and had become so fond of them, that they left them vast sums of money and property in their wills, in the hopes that the freed 'Negroes' would be able to make something of themselves.

Of course this was an impossibility without the White man there to direct them. Once they were free most were content to do nothing at all just as long as they were fed, so most of them ate all the livestock on the farms without breeding any more and spent all the money on gambling.

The author Winfield H Collins has subtitled his book ‘In which the author pleads that the South be made safe for the White race’ and one hundred years later the South is still not a safe place for Whites and for the same reasons that he outlines here.

Narrated by Sven Longshanks

Aryan Narrations – 'The Truth About Lynching and the Negroes in the South' Part 1 – The 
Lynching of Negroes in the South Prior to the Civil War


Aryan Narrations – 'The Truth About Lynching and the Negroes in the South' Part 2 – Lynching During the Civil War and the Carpet-Bag Rule


Aryan Narrations – 'The Truth About Lynching and the Negroes in the South' Part 3 – Lynching from the End of Carpet-Bag Rule to the Present Time


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