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Albion Narrations: 'The Truth About Lynching and the Negroes in the South' II


After showing the increase in lynching that was brought about by the abolition of slavery, Winfield H Collins moves on to showing the inherent criminality of the freed slaves using newspaper reports from the time, to show that 'Negroes' were only ever lynched as the very last resort and only for the most serious of crimes. Since the Negroes knew they would not be punished for crimes until long into the future, then it seemed the same to them as not being punished at all. It was because of this the Southerners had to resort to lynching, in their desperation to prevent the crime wave that resulted from freeing the former slaves.

The rural people did not want to be handing down capital punishment but were left with no choice but to do so and when they did, it was with the approval of the entire area, 'Negroes' as well as Whites. In fact when the cases of lynching were brought before the courts, the judges were faced with the impossibility of having to jail everyone in the region, as they were all equally guilty of carrying out the punishment.

Most of the Europeans that were putting pressure on America to end slavery had never even set eyes on a Black man before. They believed all the abolitionist nonsense that the 'Negro' was just the same as a White man and had no idea of the horrendous crimes that he was capable of. They also thought that once the Negro had been freed, he would behave just like a White man and want to live among them, but this was not to happen, as the 'Negro' self segregated himself and kept to his own people. This was beneficial for both races and gradually laws started to be brought in to help keep the two peoples apart.

The author asks why a White woman should have to sit next to a 'Negro', or a White man have to put up with seeing them playing craps and gambling on the street outside his home? Far better that the Blacks were left to develop at their own pace in their own way. In the areas where this was encouraged through legislation there was obviously a lower crime rate and a better standard of living for all and at the time when this was written, the author was convinced that the rest of America would go the same way. How shocked he would be today to see that we did the opposite and how sad he would be to see how badly both races have been affected by it.

Narrated by Sven Longshanks

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