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Truth Will Out Radio: The Changing Face of Christmas

Dennis Wise takes a well-deserved break from working on ‘Communism by The Back Door’ to discuss the changing face of Christmas with Sven Longshanks.

Religious Jews hate all things to do with Christianity, but they have a particular hatred for Christmas even going so far as to spend Christmas Eve making toilet paper while eating garlic to ward off the spirit of Jesus, according to Hoffman's 'Judaism Discovered'.

They even abstain from having sex over the festive period because if a child is conceived in that time, then they believe that it will be cursed.

As well as pushing to get all mention of Christmas removed from public places, they also like to claim that it is really a pagan festival that has been stolen by Christians.

But how could White people steal a festival that belongs to White people anyway?

There may be links to our past apparent in the modern Yule-tide, but the reason for celebrating it is to honour Christ’s nativity.

Even before it became Christian it still reflected the White man’s desire for equality and justice among his own, where masters would swap places with servants for a day. 

The mainstream media tries to defame Hitler by claiming he was trying to replace Christmas with a pagan celebration, when all the SS were really doing was encouraging links to previous Germanic customs used at that time of year.

The Aryan race has always been the farming race, Agrarian even contains the word ‘Aryan’. We marked out the times of the year, so that we knew when to plant and when to sow, when to store food and when we could afford to eat it. At these points of the calendar we would naturally give thanks to the beneficent creator who had provided this sustenance for us. These times of the year became celebrations and when our beliefs matured into Christianity, we naturally continued to honour our God around those dates, with the customs being adopted and modified by the new revelation.

The Cultural Marxists wish us to get rid of the word entirely and are trying their hardest to force people to say ‘Happy Holidays’ or ‘Merry Winter Festival’ instead of saying Merry Christmas. This can even be seen in the way people write Xmas instead of Christmas, telling themselves that it is just a way to shorten the word. But how lazy would you have to be to save time writing four letters?

This week we should make a point of using the word Christmas any time we hear an alternative being used, it could also be a good excuse to point out how nobody is trying to change the name of Eid, Hanukkah and Diwali, or any of the other non-White religious festivals.

Hosted by Sven Longshanks and Dennis Wise, with guest caller Chris DerKoloss.

Truth Will Out Radio: The Changing Face of Christmas


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