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Aryan Insights: Max Musson from Western Spring

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Max Musson has been involved in Nationalism for over 40 years and in that time, has seen the establishment pull just about ever dirty trick in the book. Becoming disillusioned with the electoral process he and the other dedicated nationalists involved, formed a think tank to try and identify where nationalism was going wrong and where they needed to direct their energy in order to succeed. Western Spring was born and since then has become one of the most well known nationalist groups in Britain.

Speaking to Sven Longshanks, Max explains what it was that finally persuaded him that a nationalist party could never succeed at the ballot box and how it must be assumed that electoral fraud has taken place, due to the many opportunities to do so in the process. He explains how taking the matter to the authorities, would be like asking the criminal to investigate the crime.

He talks indepth about the six pre-requisites to success that Western Spring are working to achieve and why without them in place, no nationalist party in Britain has a chance of winning.

He explains how all public bodies and organisations are now legally obliged to fight racism, which prevents White people from forming official advocacy groups or political parties.

Later he talks about how eugenics programs could be used to remove unwanted foreign DNA from the gene pool and why we need a humane plan for dealing with the damage that has been done to our biological integrity as a race, through miscegenation.

Homosexuals could also be removed from the population in the same way, but because the science is politically incorrect and this behaviour is now encouraged, it is rarely mentioned as a solution for it.

Max used to be involved in finance and he also explains what he sees as being the ideal economic system and what it is that is wrong with the one that we have.

Finally he talks about the Legion survival camps that got Western Spring in the national news recently and how they are just as much about cultural education and inspiration, as they are about survival training exercises.

Questions sent in from the chatroom are answered and the whole interview is peppered throughout with insights that you would only get from someone who has been actively involved in nationalism for decades.

This is one interview you will not want to miss.

Presented by Sven Longshanks with special guest Max Musson

Aryan Insights: Max Musson From Western Spring - AI 010616


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Max Musson at the John Tyndal Memorial Meeting 2015

Max Musson at Golden Dawn demonstration in London

Western Spring

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  1. Great interview as ever Sven.
    I am looking forwards to meeting with Max next week which shows the level of effort and personal commitment he gives to Western Spring. I definitely feel that both Max and Matt have come up with a movement which shows foresight and positivity, something sadly lacking, for the most part, with all other UK nationalist groups. Combining Western Spring with LegionMAC I actually feel genuinely excited for the future! I am especially looking forwards to spending a weekend in March at Legion camp. A weekend spent learning new skills whilst meeting like minded individuals. Positive, forward thinking Nationalism. Find another group offering much needed unity for those of us awake to the planned white genocide of Europe, I know I tried and just kept coming up empty handed.

    1. Yes, I very much enjoyed the interview myself, he has a lot of knowledge about race-related subjects and hopefully he will come on again at some point in the future.


  2. "Max Musson" - The man who brought non-Muslim Pakistanis (Sikhs) into the BNP and kicked out white BNP members who objected to his fetish.


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