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Albion Narrations: Creed of a Fascist Revolutionary


AK Chesterton wrote this poetical creed describing what it means to be a fascist back in 1935.

He starts by explaining the tyranny of tolerance, how we are taught to be proud of the things which we ought to be ashamed of and how the anger at this state of affairs, needs to be channeled into a political movement dedicated to principles. How the progressives have managed to get away with causing the destruction of the country through incremental stages, advancing slowly from one blasphemy to the next thinking that the people wont notice.

Sincerity is the most important quality that we need, the current establishment is full of cheats, liars and frauds who are just keen to line their own pockets. They obtain votes under false pretences and set the worst possible example to the nation, whereas fascism ensures that only the very best of our people get to set the standards.

The liberty to take whatever you can get away with is no liberty at all, the fascist definition of freedom means the freedom to serve, to suffer and to sacrifice for the good of all. The fascist revolutionary leads by example and the revolution first takes place in the individual life, with the rejection of material pleasures in exchange for the honour and glory of defending what is natural and right, against all those who would do harm to our race.

The fascist seizes every opportunity that he gets and sees the oppression of our people as the chance to sharpen his will and improve his character. The struggle forces those who can lead, to lead and ensures that only those equipped to do so find themselves in that position. The blood of the nation sears through the fascist’s veins as the spirit of his ancestors animates him and pushes him on to risk all, in his quest for the salvation of our race. There are no half-measures and there is no turning back, the truth remains the truth and never changes, once you know what the truth is you will never fight for anything else, ever again.

Narrated by Sven Longshanks from the essay by AK Chesterton

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