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Albion Narrations: The Natural History Of The Caucasian And 'Negro' Races

Pharaoh's sandals, depicting Negroes on the soles.

These four podcasts contain two lectures given by Josiah C Nott MD way back in 1844.

In the first he establishes the fact that the ancient Egyptians were White, using skulls, monuments and hieroglyphics to prove this. The skulls of the servant class show that they were made up of 'Negroes' and 'Mulattoes', the same as the servant class at the time this was written. As the civilisation started dwindling however, the proportion of these Negroid types increased, giving us a warning of what will happen to our civilisation once a 'Negro' majority has been reached.

Pictures and sculptures from around 1500 BC depict the 'Negro' as a slave and inscriptions from that time describe their country as barbaric and their race as perverse. Civilisation itself soon spread from Egypt into Ethiopia, but not the other way around as some have imagined. The original Ethiopians were also Caucasian and it was not until the Moslems invaded in the 7th century AD that the White aristocracy there were finally wiped out.

The second lecture deals with the physical differences between the races and shows that far smaller differences among the animals cause them to be classed as separate species. The author believes that there are different species of man, just the same as there are different species of animal. He points out that in the animal kingdom there is a regular ascent from the lowest orders to the highest orders, corresponding not just to form but with intellect too. He sees the same hierarchy occurring in the world of man, with the 'Negro's form being somewhere between that of the ourang-utang and the White man, with his intellect occupying the same position. He does not imply that the Blacks are apes though, just a different and lower order of human being, lower in complexity of form and lower in intellect.

He also shows that despite large passages of time and varying climates, the skin colour and the form of the two races has never changed. The only way to change them is for the races to interbreed together, which produces unstable proportions of each type in the progeny. He cites this as proof that the races are completely separate kinds and that mixing them together can never be rectified.

Narrated by Sven Longshanks from the book by Josiah C Nott MD.

Aryan Narrations: The Natural History Of The Caucasian And 'Negro' Races 1


Aryan Narrations: The Natural History Of The Caucasian And 'Negro' Races 2


Aryan Narrations: The Natural History Of The Caucasian And 'Negro' Races 3


Aryan Narrations: The Natural History Of The Caucasian And 'Negro' Races 4


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