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Albion Narrations: The Painted Savages Of England?

Celtic warriors

Long before the Romans came the British were a highly cultured and technologically advanced people, who were able to stand against the might of the empire and send Julius Caesar packing. He repaid the Brits for this act of bravery by slandering them in a notorious piece of black propaganda that labelled them as ‘painted savages’.

In response to this in 1934 the Rev Alban Heath gave this lecture, using the full speeches from King Caradoc, Queen Boudica and others to show that this libel was clearly false. The lies still get taught to school children today, that the British roads were built by Romans and the Welsh people never knew how to put one stone on top of another, despite all the vast megalithic evidence to the contrary.

The British people had a codified system of law going back to 400 years before Christ, that was translated into Latin by Gildas and into English by King Alfred. This proves that the British were an educated lot and we have further evidence in the Triads and from Caesar himself, who could not pretend that the universities did not exist as they were too well known on the continent.

Tacitus writing between 55AD and 120AD gives us indepth descriptions of the battles that went on in Britain at the time and these can be pieced together, along with the records of other writers to show a highly civilised people that were well equipped to become a centre for the new religion of Christianity. 

Not something you would expect from a nation composed of ‘painted savages’.

Narrated by Sven Longshanks from a lecture by Rev Alban Heath

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Aryan Narrations: The Painted Savages Of England II


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