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Truth Will Out Radio: New Year’s Day Special 2016

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Dennis Wise and Sven Longshanks continue where they left off in the Christmas Day episode with a look back over the series so far.

August was the start of regular live programs every Friday and the first one was centred around Benjamin Freedman who has featured a lot in Dennis’ documentary series. He was the first to really expose the Jewish role in bringing America into World War One and his speech is often cited by Dennis.

Many listeners were shocked to hear that Dennis was trying to cut the Hitler documentary down into a movie-sized video around this time and they will be pleased to hear that he has now scrapped that idea. All the different sections are crucial to the storyline and to lose any one of them, would mean vital information was then missing. The documentary itself is clearly seen as extremely dangerous by our critics, as Youtube were continually removing it from public view in 2015, but thanks to the many supporters of Dennis’ work, it was never long before someone had uploaded it all once again.

September saw White people’s luck start to change, with Donald Trump riding high in the polls, patriots outnumbering communists by ten to one at the Bendigo Mosque protest in Australia and sixty percent of Czechoslovakians polled saying that they would vote for Hitler if he was around today. This provided the catalyst for a discussion on why liberal democracy is the worst possible system of governance and how even if it was not rigged, it would still be putting the most important decisions in the hands of the least capable – the rule of the mob.

The rest of the month saw a concentration on the increasing Jewish role in the New World Order since the establishment of the state of Israel. How the World Court that they are building there has no precedence in law and no authority from anywhere to judge the separate nations of the world. How the EU is just the Soviet Union under another name is also covered and why the politicians always support it, despite the people always being against it.

Finally all the subversion of our people was tied back to the first multicultural empire in ‘It All Goes Back to Babylon’. Babylon has become a watch-word for all manner of depravity, from sodomy and paedophilia to usury and the modern day banking system. It is no joke to say that Weimar Germany was a modern day Babylon and the whole of the White world now resembles this original city-state of perversion. Hitler’s explanation of how the original Aryan civilisations were destroyed through ‘diversity’ is entirely accurate and proved by the racial make-up of those peoples that inhabit the ruins of those civilisations today. If we want to prevent our civilisation from going the same way, then we need to do all we can to promote White interests and White birth rates.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Dennis Wise

Truth Will Out Radio: New Year’s Day Special 2016


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  1. Very interesting material, wish more Whites were hip to these premises historical and/or biblical.

    1. Thanks, we will be back live again next Friday.

      Dennis has a new video out as well:




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