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Albion Narrations: Ancient Eugenics

The Battle of Thermopylae

This series of Narrations are based on the book by Allen G Roper, B.A. which won him the Arnold prize for best essay in 1913 and contain an in-depth study of the different forms of eugenics that our ancestors used. They start with what the author calls ‘the barbarians’ killing off their sickly children and move on up to the hypothetical utopias of Plato. The more we separate ourselves from nature, living in cities and suburban centres, the more the need for a means of replicating nature’s own methods for weeding out the sickly and unfit becomes apparent.

What we have today is a form of dysgenics where the least fit and productive among us are encouraged to breed through welfare bonuses, which increase for each fatherless juvenile produced. These people could not have existed in the past, as their incapable parents would not have been able to provide enough food for them. With our humane sentiments of not wanting to see people suffer, we have neglected to look at the greater suffering of the people as a whole, due to the ever-increasing burden of providing for defective individuals.

One of the problems with trying to implement eugenics in the old world, was that you could not tell from looking at a child whether they would be of high intelligence or not. We know now that intelligence is passed on through the parents, but it will still always tend to regress to the mean. Back then, the Spartans would inspect a child physically and if there was any sign of weakness then that child’s life would end, but all this would do is create a race of warriors, never an inventor or philosopher, except by chance. Plato’s ideas also had pitfalls, which he does not seem to have recognised and which the author points out.

Narrated by Sven Longshanks from the book by AG Roper

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