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Albion Narrations: Famous Men of the Middle Ages I

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Gods of the Teutons

This series of narrations is taken from a 1911 school book, that was designed to appeal to young White students and encourage them to identify with the famous men described within. As well as getting them interested in history, it would have given them a sense of being a part of it, a continuation of a long line of White people stretching back into time. Rather than just concentrating on one particular country, it includes famous men from all over Europe, highlighting the unity of greatness that there is among all White nations. They also added a couple of non-Whites, probably just to stop the students from becoming big-headed over their own race’s achievements, but in order to do this the authors had to gloss over Mohammed’s thievery, slavery and murder. The few non-Whites that were included in the book have been excluded from these podcasts.

In order to give some background to the events portrayed, the first part deals with the early beliefs of the Anglo-Saxons and the Danes before they became Christian. Some of the immortals that featured in their myths also appear in the legends surrounding a few of these great men. Later in the series, characters like the Apostles and the Christian Angels will take their place.

Attila the Hun has been included because there is some confusion over whether he was really non-White. Some say the Huns were White, while others claim that they were not. In either case Attila must have been an accomplished warrior to have made his way as far west as he did, all the way to Orleans.

Books like this were designed not just to inform the students about history, but also to help them develop their character. It was hoped that through an affinity for the men described, the boys would grow to be brave, courageous, merciful and just patriots. They also taught a very different sort of Christianity to the one that gets promoted today. The Christianity of old was all about being prepared to die in the defence of your people, not about encouraging your race to commit suicide.

Narrated by Sven Longshanks from the book by JH Haaren and AB Poland

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