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Albion Narrations: Famous Men of the Middle Ages II


The second part of this collection of narrations concentrates on the last thousand years, ranging from the time of William the Conqueror to the Gutenberg printing press. Joan of Arc is included because what she did was masculine and not feminine. It was also inspired by God and should not be seen as being an example for women to follow, for as soon as God was no longer with her, she fell in battle and died.

Back when this was written, there was no shame in being proud of your race’s achievements, far from it, it was seen as essential that young people had a knowledge of their great past so they kinew what they had to live up to. What is better, to tell people they have no greatness in their history, or to tell them that their ancestors built everything? This logic is still being used today, but it is being applied to entirely the wrong people.

We tell the Blacks that they had a great past, but they are incapable of actually achieving anything, no matter what they are taught or how many resources we throw at them. While we are wasting our time lying to the Blacks, our own people become disillusioned and demoralised, believing the lies that their own ancestors were the bad guys. This does not inspire people to greatness, but just leaves them apathetic and useless.

These great men from history show us what we are capable of, what our race is capable of. All White people have the potential for greatness, it is not just about IQ but about character. Take Arnold Von Winkelried for instance, who gave up his own life so that his kinsmen could defeat their enemy. It was because of this act of self-sacrifice, that the Swiss people ended up becoming a sovereign nation.

Narrated by Sven Longshanks from the book by JH Haaren and AB Poland

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