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Albion Narrations: Can The White Race Survive?


This collection of edited Narrations come from the 1929 book of the same name, by James Denson Sayers. Sayers realised that all the previous civilisations of the world had been created by White men. He also realised that what was left of those White nations were now living among the ruins, unable in many cases to even read and write, let alone place blocks of stone one upon the other to build pyramids and the like.

At the time this was written, the word ‘racist’ had not yet been invented and the author believed that once he had published his research, the White world would have to unite and the non-Whites would leave, since all races depend upon the maintenance of Western civilisation. He could not see how anyone could object to this, it seemed like such a logical course of action for all races to take.

What a shock he would have if he could see what the world looks like today, almost one hundred years after his dire warning was first proclaimed and no governments are doing anything to prevent the coming catastrophe.

Starting with the basic Negroid type, he provides all the evidence needed to show that every other race in the world is made up of a mixture of Caucasian and 'Negro', even the Chinese and Japanese. There are many cases of 'Negroes' having the same shaped eyes as them and the African bushmen to this day still claim the Chinese are related to them racially. The White man spread out all over the earth and except for where it was too cold, he either brought his 'Negro' slaves with him or put the natives of the land to that purpose.

Unfortunately the same problem has always then arisen. Certain members of the White race have interbred with the other race and introduced foreign blood into the nation. Gradually more and more people would become adulterated with it, until there were not enough of the original stock left to maintain the civilisation. He traces evidence of this in the remains of mummies, descriptions of the gods, sculptures of the gods and in some cases, using quotes from confused researchers who were finding they were unable to find a single source for the other races, but did have copious evidence of inter-racial breeding among the lower classes.

Miscegenation is the secret to the downfall of civilisation and this theory has continued to be confirmed by countless researchers since then, but still it remains a taboo subject even though it is of the utmost importance to everyone on this planet.

Extracts narrated by Sven Longshanks from ‘Can The White Race Survive’ by James Denson Sayers

Aryan Narrations: Can The White Race Survive I - Introduction and The Negroid Type


Aryan Narrations: Can The White Race Survive II – India


Aryan Narrations: Can The White Race Survive III – Egypt


Aryan Narrations: Can The White Race Survive IV – Egypt Continued


Aryan Narrations: Can The White Race Survive V – The Far East


Aryan Narrations: Can The White Race Survive VI – The Far East Continued


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  1. Excellent commentary, Sven. Thank you for your efforts, very much appreciated.

    Here's the link to the book in case someone wants to download it:


    "At the time this was written, the word ‘racist’ had not yet been invented"

    Here is what author Eric D. Butler* says about this smear term:

    "Students of psycho-political warfare understand how the original meaning of words has often been perverted, while other words are used, not to convey a concept of reality, but to make rational discussion impossible. By constant perversion the term "discrimination" has been turned into one of abuse. Discrimination is a natural law and all forms of life discriminate in favour of themselves. Discrimination requires the making of choices. At one time "a person of discrimination" was looked up to. "Racism" is another blatantly political swear word. When a person is called a "Racist" this means that he is automatically assumed to be guilty of some evil and that there is no basis for any discussion about what a person may have said."

    But yet we must keep saying it!

    All the best,


    * The Truth About the Australian League of Rights (1985)



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