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Albion Narrations: Can The White Race Survive II

This example, mixed with the White man and successive Orientals along the way, resulted in today's Red Indians according to the author.

This second series of narrations about the gradual loss through miscegenation of the White race concentrates on the New World (America) and the Old World (Europe). Decades before the Solutrean hypothesis was confirmed, the author was convinced that America had originally been settled by Whites, due to the architecture, the remains of civilisations and the descriptions of the old gods. The various native tribes found in America were of all different shades and hues and he shows that this variety is due to the differing amounts of White blood that remained within them.

He also explains how Italy, Portugal, Spain and Greece had 'Negroes' in them from ancient times and that the interbreeding with them can be seen in certain parts of those countries. The north of Europe was too cold for the Blacks to survive so it remained pure from inter-mixture.

Even the interbreeding of White tribes can be detrimental to us and although America has seen this happen, it has largely remained close to the original phenotypes, Scandinavians breeding with Scandinavians, Germanics with Germanics and so on. Once the other races are allowed into a country and given equal citizenship though, interbreeding is inevitable and it will always lead to a lowering of the average standards in everything.

This is not good for Whites, but it is also very dangerous for the other races too. If we become too mixed with foreign blood then we will lose our ability to maintain this civilisation that the other races have now come to expect from us as their ‘human right’. It will lead to the last great White empire, the European one, falling to the same disease that took down all the others, only this time there will not be any Whites left anywhere to build a new one. It wont just be the few Whites left that will suffer, but everything that walks on two legs. It really is in the best interests of the other races to support European Nationalists in preserving the European genome if they do not want the current standards of civilisation to deteriorate.

Extracts narrated by Sven Longshanks from ‘Can The White Race Survive’ by James Denson Sayers

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