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Albion Narrations: Kristallnacht–The False-Flag Pogrom


These narrations are taken from a paper offered by Ingrid Weckert to the Sixth International Revisionist Conference and contain the author’s own intensive research on this shocking spectacle.

The night in question was one of the worst things to happen to the National Socialist government, yet it has been promoted to the world at large as being instigated by them. Some individual Jews suffered on that night, due to broken windows, beatings and a few were even killed, but this led to huge damage done to Germany on the world’s stage. Even Julius Striecher was shocked at what had happened, it was so out of character for the German people to behave in such a way. Goebbels was stumped for an explanation and the one that he gave, was not generally believed by the population.

Weckert first outlines the conventional historian’s version of events and then produces the evidence that she has found, which contradicts it. Her own doctor was supposedly ‘taken away’ in the middle of the night, yet she was later to find that he had just moved to Palestine under the Haavara agreement. This agreement was between Germany and the Zionists and it was a way for German Jews to emigrate to the newly formed ‘Israel’ while keeping all their possessions. They even profited from doing this, as did the German state and Weckert outlines the process that this entailed in order to set the scene for what happened. She also talks about life in the Third Reich and the gallantry of the SA and the SS. How smashing windows and attacking Jews was just not something they would never have been capable of doing. 

Finally she looks at the records of the SA and SS themselves on that night. Showing how they were visited by strangers and imposters, intent on starting a pogrom. Most of the SA and SS units were suspicious of these strangers and did not carry out their orders, however in a few cases the people contacted were unable to make contact with their superiors to verify the strange orders to start physically retaliating against the Jews.

The investigation draws attention to the shooting of a German diplomat by a Jew, who was then mysteriously well looked after and protected by top lawyers. The suggestion is that the organisation behind this and the crystal night provocateurs, was the LICA – The League Against Anti-Semitism, in order to gain sympathy for the Jews, hatred for the Germans and even more emigrants to Israel.

Narrated by Sven Longshanks from ‘The Bizarre Story of Kristallnacht’ by Ingrid Weckert

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