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Truth Will Out Radio: Joachim Peiper and The Crown


Dennis Wise, Sven Longshanks and Messerschmitt are back with a new Truth Will Out Radio, starting off with Schmitt’s presentation on the life of Joachim Peiper.

Peiper started out as a cavalryman and transferred his equine skills to tanks, becoming one of the most highly decorated and courageous SS men in Germany.

At one point his enemies numbered 346,000 Soviet troops, while the Germans had only 70,000, but still the National Socialists were victorious.

Unfortunately Peiper was captured after the war and tortured by a Jewish torturer, who admits being his interrogator in an audio clip.

He was then convicted of a war crime he did not commit, before narrowly avoiding a death sentence.

After being freed, his house was firebombed by Communists and he died in the flames, with the perpetrators never seeing justice.

Schmitt translates one of his last letters into English for us, so we can see what sort of character this great man had.

In the second half of the podcast Dennis talks about his research into the Rothschilds and The Crown, for Communism by the Back Door.

The Rothschilds still hold a lot of power today, but it is hidden behind directorships and controlling shares in companies.

The conspiracy crowd may claim them as the real enemy, but they would never have been able to get to their position of power without help from others.

The source of the power that they and the other bankers now hold lies in the Crown, which is where all authority for the law comes from.

This power was invested in the King by God through the faith of the people, but gradually over the years this power to make laws has been siphoned away from the person of the monarch to the person of the corporation of the City of London. The Crown is now shorthand for this city and when people in authority swear an oath to The Crown, they are swearing an oath to serve the bankers that make up The Crown.

Nobody from the Bank of England, the IMF or the Bank of International Settlements could ever be held to account for their crimes because they are above the law, they now hold the power that the King once held.

The Crown needs to be taken back from the bankers and it needs to be in the hands of it’s rightful owners, so that we can entrust that power to one who truly deserves it and has earned it.

Presented by Sven Longshanks, Dennis Wise and Messerschmitt

Truth Will Out Radio: Joachim Peiper and The Crown


Truth Will Out Radio will be back next Friday on Radio Aryan at 3pm EDT/8pm BST

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  1. "Unfortunately Peiper was captured after the war and tortured by a Jew torturer, who admits being his interrogator in an audio clip."

    Real "tough" guy, this Jewish sadist. One-on-one in a fair fight odds are that this German war hero would've inflicted upon his Yiddish torturer, a justified, thorough ass whipping.

    "After being freed, his house was firebombed by Communists and he died in the flames, with the perpetrators never seeing justice."

    Jews and communists, such dirty, underhanded, treacherous monsters, liars, deceivers and terrorists. This is their idea of 'justice.'

    I can't say this enough: Adolf Hitler was right. Boy, was he right. The National Socialist Germans truly were the good guys in that "unnecessary war."

    This label of "war criminals" belongs to the All-lies. Third Reich Germans were war heroes and humanitarians. Yes, that's right! If it weren't for the "Nazi war criminals", who (allegedly) looked down upon Slavic people, they never would've allowed both my parents' families and many other refugees of Eastern European-descent, to tag along with them, as they retreated, back to Germany, where they wound up in refugee camps--not "death camps"--whose inmates served as laborers (those old enough to do so), in work crews performing menial tasks such as digging trenches, etc.

    My family and relatives never received one cent in compensation after the war from Germany--unlike the bogus "survivors" of an equally bogus "holocaust"--nor did they expect any! They were just grateful to be alive and to put the horrors of war behind them and get on with life.

    Were it not for the "evil Nazis", God only knows what would've happened to my parents, their families and many others if they stayed behind and their fate left in the hands of the hate-crazed, mass-raping, sadistic, murderous Red Army.

    Speaking of sadistic, I am reminded of a story I overheard my dad tell a friend of his once, sitting at the kitchen table in our home. My dad related what the partisans (read: terrorists) did to one of his relatives: they cut off his nose, ears, broke both arms and legs, then dumped his life-less body near the edge of the village as "warning" to other villagers not to co-operate with the Germans, who occupied the area, in any way, shape, manner or form. My God! That memory of that conversation still haunts me every time I recall it.

    After the war was over, my parents' respective families emigrated to Belgium, where workers were needed in coal mines. Eventually my mom and dad met, got married, and later emigrated to the USA, where I was born. The "evil Nazis" saved my parents' and their family's lives, and indirectly, allowing me to be born into this world. For that I am forever grateful.

    Off topic note: Sven, please inform William Finck that his http://www.thechristianidentityforum.net has been down for the past week.

    Thank you, and keep up the good work.


    1. Interesting story, thanks.

      Yes, that is Obie's forum, not Bill's. He tells me it will be back up soon.

    2. One-hundred percent true, my friend, I can assure you. I could relate other horror stories I heard when I was growing up (remember, the war was still a fresh memory in my parents' minds some twenty-plus years after the fact, and remained a painful memory throughout their lives) but won't; hopefully the experience above will suffice.

      My only wish is I could strangle those devils, one by one, who sadistically tortured, mutilated and murdered one of my relatives--after giving them a severe whipping with a bull whip. Such "war heroes" of the so-called Great Patriotic War.

      Thank you. I didn't know it was Obie's forum. I check in regularly to download historical e-books he posts links to in one section of his forum.


      All the best.



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