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Yorkshire Forum: Dr Jim Lewthwaite–Nationalism at the Crossroads


Dr Jim Lewthwaite looks back over the last few decades in the hopes of preparing for the coming years. Many of the issues we have been talking about for the last decade have now become mainstream, but we have yet to draw any electoral benefit from this. Ten years ago it was a minority point of view to be against the EU and it was assumed that all public opinion supported the union, yet today everyone you speak to just wants to leave. The driving force behind their concern is immigration, which has been brought about by the EU open borders agreement.

When Cameron said people must learn to speak English and Archbishop Welby said we were right to be worried about immigration, the confirmation came that we had won the argument. But where is the recognition that we were the ones warning about these upcoming problems years ago? We were told that the colonisers would be the same as any other Englishman only brown, but no Englishman has ever blown himself up in an airport or gunned down a concert hall full of kids. The Syrians are now more frightened of being attacked by a ‘British’ terrorist in Syria than they are of an attack by a Syrian one. Our media claims these creatures are traitors, but are they? Why should they have any allegiance to Britain anyway, when they are not even White?

Donald Trump, AFP and Marine le Pen are all doing very well out of the backlash against this treason, so why are there no British Nationalists benefiting from this? The worse it gets, the better it should be getting for us. Unfortunately this means that it will only take a crisis bigger than the one we have now, for the public to vote for us and this crisis will be taking the form of an economic one. We now have the third world competing directly with us at a tenth of the price that a White man could ever work for. On top of that there will also be new immigration crises. There will soon be African leaders who have been in power for decades dying of old age and when they do, there will be massive civil wars and even more refugees who will end up on our doorsteps.

The problems we are facing are not in any way comparable to the ones we have faced in the past and we really must prepare for these new ones now, before they take hold. We cannot just suggest tarrif walls, we have to come up with a whole new way of thinking. 

In the second half of the recording a discussion takes place on these points, including contributions from Steve Frost and Andrew Brons.

Speech by Dr Jim Lewthwaite

Yorkshire Forum: Dr Jim Lewthwaite – Nationalism at the Crossroads - YF 041216


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