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Albion Narrations: Julian the Apostate and the Jews


This narration is taken from The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit by E Michael Jones and collects accounts of Julian the Apostate’s ill-fated attempt to rebuild the the temple of Jerusalem. When Julian became emperor, he immediately started persecuting Christians and tried to re-instate the old Pagan religion. He thought that if he helped the Jews to rebuild their temple, that it would prove the Christians were wrong about God destroying it. The Jews thought this was wonderful and they took Julian’s money and started work, only soon after digging down to the foundations fireballs appeared in the sky and many Jews were incinerated. In one account, a group of Jews tried to escape to a church, only as soon as they touched the door, flames flew out and burned them alive.

The interesting thing about this miraculous occurrence is that many of the reports came from those who were opposed to the Christians. There is no doubt at all that this did happen and Jones shows that the Jewish historians who have tried to explain it away by natural phenomena are wrong. The accounts also show how the Pagans were allied with the Jews against the Christians, not the other way around. Julian thought that it would be no problem to get the Jews to put idols of the Roman gods in the temple, but he knew he would not be able to persuade Christians to worship them without first discrediting the Christian God.

Julian the Apostate would eventually die claiming that the Galileans had finally got to him at last and the empire went back to being Christian again.

Narrated by Sven Longshanks from ‘The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit’ by E Michael Jones

Aryan Narrations: Julian the Apostate and the Jews


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