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Juhani Keranen Interview: Simon Lindberg - Head of the Nordic Resistance


Juhani Keranen is back with Studio 204 and this time he is interviewing Simon Lindberg, head of the entire Nordic Resistance Movement. He talks about how he became a National Socialist at a very young age after seeing the way Moslems and other non-Whites were terrorising the other Swedes. After reading more on the internet he soon became radicalised, but it was not until 10 years later that he felt his ideology was really mature, although it is still evolving today. He started with the NS Front which later became the SVP, but left after a few months as the liberalisation of NS ideals is not how we are going to win.

He joined the Resistance Movement 7 years ago after first checking out all the other alternatives in Sweden and believes that only the Resistance has a chance of achieving his goal, which is to form a National Socialist state. The other organisations seemed like pacifists to him after seeing the high quality of the Nordic Resistance. He worked his way up to being a part of the leadership council and was a nest leader before becoming group leader six months ago.

He feels he has accomplished a lot since accepting the position, in both the Swedish and Nordic councils thanks to the high calibre of Resistance members. He says it is unfair to only give the refugee crisis credit for their growth, as they have worked for many years to get to the high level of recruitment they are experiencing now.

Simon also answers questions that were sent in from Nordfront readers on various subjects, including the other Resistance groups in Finland, Norway and Denmark. The Danes are on hold at the moment, due to a lack of suitable candidates, but he gives details of who to contact if you think you are up to it. He talks about whether the Resistance could spread to other countries, but thinks it should be to Denmark and Iceland first, although the principles and doctrines of the organisation could easily be spread to the rest of the White world.

‘The future will become what we want it to be. It will become what we are ready to fight, bleed and sweat for. We must be prepared to even die to achieve our ideals and then, we will shape the future in our mould and not that of the world government and its race traitor henchmen.’


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