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The Orthodox Nationalist: Women as the New Nobility in America

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Dr. Johnson deals with the results of his two research papers published over the last few months. The first, "Women as the New Nobility: Feminism, the Rule of Fear and Contempt for Thought" published by Europe-Wide, and the second, "The Victorian Origins of Feminism," published in 2015 by Western Spring, a journal of nationalism published in England.

These papers came from a commissioned work on gender and criminal law in Pennsylvania from a county bar association. In the process of completing this report, he came across both the statutes and case law for civil restraining orders, domestic violence rules and the wealth transfer from males to females that these laws maintain. He calls his discoveries "stunning." Shaken, Johnson then wrote these two papers based on his research.

The broader topic is the modern world's assault on the family: the western world is without a doubt a gynocracy, or a system ruled by women and the procedure and case law governing civil restraining orders is definitive, scientific proof of this gynocracy.

Female privileges are a matter of record and are as old as the Victorian era, thus feminism was not the demand for power but its justification. These facts cannot be denied. Women are sentenced for crimes at 20% the rate of men. Their word in court is taken more seriously than that for men. Affirmative action applies to them no matter how wealthy they are. Standards are lower for them. 80% of all disposable income in America is owned by females and military women are given equal pay with no risk.

Johnson's argument is that western women are treated as the nobility were in Old Europe.

This broadcast spends a lot of time on the question of civil restraining orders in Pennsylvania law, though all 50 states have similar arrangements. A restraining order removes a man from his home, takes his children and social status and often leads to a loss of employment, public humiliation and huge financial loss. Restraining orders contain both provisions for spousal/child support as well as visitations that the man has no role in creating. Further, the county "women's advocacy" organization provides free lawyers (on retainer for life) and free counseling for all who use these orders. In Pennsylvania law, no proof of wrongdoing is required for an order to be passed. These are not punitive measures so guilt or innocence is irrelevant. All costs must be paid by the man and physical violence need not even be mentioned. The Supreme Court of Pennsylvania says that the only thing required is that the woman be "scared" of the man in question.

The Karch v. Karch, 885 A. 2d 535 (Pa. Super. 2005) decision states that the “court determines a witness's credibility and may infer fear based on the witness's  testimony describing the defendant's actions.” In other words, the allegations might be totally false. It does not  matter as “truth” is reduced to the credibility of the woman's fear as exhibited in court. Proof of fear, it should be noted, has nothing to do with the facts alleged, but can only be inferred by the judge in looking at her demeanor.  Usually, the mere claim that she is afraid is the end of the hearing.

Hence, a man can lose everything - including freedom of speech - solely because a woman cries in front of a judge. This means that American men are second class citizens and the Constitutional protections of the 4th, 5th and 14th Amendments are now null and void.

Presented by Matt Johnson

The Orthodox Nationalist: Women as the New Nobility in America – TON 062916


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  1. We are living in dark times. This is just one of the reasons marriage nowadays is a big risk.

  2. Great show. Will definitely share with others


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