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Truth Will Out Radio: Comments and Questions on TGSNT


Messerschmitt is not here this week, so the whole podcast is taken up with answering comments left since ‘Adolf Hitler the Greatest Story NEVER Told’ was unblocked from Youtube a month ago. The documentary now has 831,000 views and there are 12,000 comments, so only those of the last month were addressed, starting with an allegation that the Germans staged a false flag event to justify invading Poland. This was not necessary though, as Hitler had been forced by Poland into protecting his kinsfolk in Danzig and elsewhere, who had been fleeing in their hundreds of thousands from Poland as refugees into Germany, due to vicious persecution. Dennis describes the start of the war in detail, before going on to address another allegation that Germany today is not in a crisis situation.

After this, a series of allegations based on Hollywood versions of Nazism are refuted, including Lebensraum, racial supremacy, ultra-nationalism and using war as the final solution to an otherwise impossible situation.

Many of the commenters were asking how they could have never questioned things before and Dennis suggests some of the anti-Hitler documentaries as being responsible and points people in a more truthful direction to do their research, before both hosts get around to discussing Winston Churchill and Bomber Harris. Churchill’s face will now be on every new £5 note, which provides a great opportunity to point out his many failings to people when you see one. Bomber Harris was just doing his job to the best of his ability, which was to win the war, it was the traitors directing him that should be held responsible for the crimes of the allies, not the armed forces.

Quite a few people talked about dictatorships and the merits of a benevolent dictator are brought up and contrasted with tyrannical dictators and the dictatorship of the proletariat, before the idea of Weimar Berlin being ‘the artistic capital of the world’ gets completely demolished.

The final part of the podcast deals with claims made that Otto Ohlendorf and Rudolph Hoss admitted to gassing Jews. Their confessions were made after torture and also included obvious mistakes, meant to alert people to the fact that they were lying. Rommel’s dislike of Hitler was also pointed out and Dennis explains that this comes under the heading of allied propaganda, he also reminds people of the letter from the archive that was brought up in last week’s episode, that proves the British were creating outright lies about Germany in order to distract from the rampaging Red Army’s war crimes.

Finally a correction to the term ‘Holocaust Denier’ is suggested, that you can only deny something which is true. The correct term would instead be ‘holocaust denouncer’, but since it is our enemies calling us this it is better to just take the names they call us and make them our own, in order to disarm them and take away their power.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Dennis Wise

Truth Will Out Radio: Comments and Questions on TGSNT – TWOR 060316


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