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Truth Will Out Radio: UK Independence Day


Sven Longshanks and Dennis Wise devote the entire episode this week to the glorious news that Britannia has reasserted her sovereignty through the will of her people and voted to leave the EU.

Both hosts talk about how they discovered the news, before going into the results in detail and discussing what they mean for us. There was a massive turnout, with over 70% of eligible people voting and with the exception of heavily diversified areas such as London, the choice in England and Wales was overwhelmingly patriotic. The Welsh result showed a really strong sense of patriotism and concern for future generations, as the country had been given billions of pounds in bribe money by the EU yet still voted in 17 out of 22 regions to leave. Scotland unfortunately voted to stay in the EU, showing no desire for sovereignty as part of a United Kingdom and even making noises about seceding from the rest of Britain in the future.

Labour were counting on the housing estates and their socialist strongholds voting to stay, but an incredible amount of them voted to leave instead. Everyone the BBC could find to ask today about why they voted to leave said that it was because of immigration, yet still Jeremy Corbyn was trying to blame their defection on lack of money spent on more infrastructure for the foreigners. He even had to cancel a planned appearance at Glastonbury festival due to his shock at losing. It does look very much like the working class has finally realised that Labour have betrayed their interests entirely and only care for the hostile newcomers. An amazing 80% turned out to vote from the council estates, which is pretty much unheard of in election history since the seventies.

David Cameron resigned as we had predicted he would if he lost the referendum and a surprising suggestion of who could replace him is offered. A motion of no-confidence has been raised against Jeremy Corbyn and a prediction that both he and George Osbourne will also be gone by next week is made.

The Pakistani mayor of London demonstrated his contempt for the rest of England by frantically tweeting that London was still a part of the EU and had not yet had its fill of foreigners, before making an alliance with the Scottish anti-National Party to support each other in their quest to replace all indigenous White people on the island.

Donald Trump arrived in Scotland to be greeted by Mexican flags, but refused to take the bait and instead congratulated Britain on reasserting her sovereignty and confirmed that a Trump administration would support Britain through the Brexit and even strengthen the ties between Americans and Brits.

All this is talked about, along with general discussion on democracy, the effects of Brexit so far on other European nations and how the Left have reacted to the good news.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Dennis Wise

Truth Will Out Radio: UK Independence Day – TWOR 062416


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  1. "The Paki mayor of London demonstrated his contempt for the rest of England by frantically tweeting that London was still a part of the EU and had not yet had its fill of brown people"

    F*ck that arrogant brown INTERLOPER and all the rest of the brown interlopers that DO NOT BELONG IN ENGLAND, who don't in any way, shape, manner or form improve the quality of life or make it safer one iota, but to the contrary; the REAL BRITISH PEOPLE HAVE SPOKEN and that's whose voice really counts!

    "Donald Trump arrived in Scotland to be greeted by Mexican flags"

    These Leftist pigs wouldn't be waving Mexican flags if they had Mexicans infesting their neighborhoods! F*cking subversive scum!

    Pardon my Yiddish.

  2. From Vanguard News Network:

    "The Jews and the elites are scared now: they’re worried that other European countries will follow Britain’s lead and leave the EU. If that happens, it will be much harder for the Jews and the elites to push the New World Order agenda. That agenda includes: a global government, no borders, no countries, “global (brown-skinned) citizens,” cradle-to-grave political indoctrination for the global citizens, a global currency, global gun control, Orwellian spying on the citizens by the global government, etc."

  3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.


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