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The Orthodox Nationalist: Nationalist Philosophy vs Marxist Deception

orthodox nationalist

Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson contrasts the nationalist philosophy of Martin Heidegger with the unnatural oppression that is Marxism in this week’s Orthodox Nationalist.

Martin Heidegger is not accessible to the average American, even the average American intellectual. As it turns out, there has been a substantial effort to censor his ultimate meaning and purpose. His conception of Dasein, while esoteric to many, is ultimately about the German community in particular and ethno-nationalism in general.

Marxism and Leninism were movements encompassing millions of people, books, rallies, leaders and nations. Yet not a single substantial description of their future society can be found. It is entirely negation. "Capitalism" is the root of evil, which will be overthrown by "labor." Unfortunately, these terms are not used in the conventional ways. "Capitalist" was the enemy of the Soviet, Jewish ruling class. "Labor" was precisely this class and its mission. This is how Trotsky can call Jacob Schiff a proletarian and the poor priest in Ukraine a "capitalist exploiter." Marxism is an arcane science: it uses words for the sake of deception. Labor is not "workers." Its a code term for their own ethnic ruling class.

Heidegger was not merely writing against Das Man. What was the point of his Dasein? Ultimately, the world that his readers were "thrown" into was the German nation that was, at the time, under extreme duress. While largely removed from works on the man, the ethno-nation was the essence of the spiritual foundation, the Dasein that was to be experienced, repaired and understood. It was not abstraction for its own sake.

The USSR was in a state of constant civil turmoil from 1918 to 1941. Covered up in both Soviet and western newspapers, revolutionary groups abounded all over the empire, with 80 existing in Kazakhstan alone. This is because the Soviets were bent on total destruction of the Russian way of life in favor of a pure ruling oligarchy. There was never any "Marxism" that believed labor should rule capital. While theories existed that deserve our attention such as from Proudhon or Bakunin, Marx and Lenin had no concern with workers as such. The peasantry was ruthlessly suppressed in the USSR, and yet, we are told, the scythe in the Soviet flag was meant to represent them. That's hardly plausible. Its meaning is far deeper than that. Without knowing socialist arcanae, nothing in the Soviet ruling ideology is understandable.

Heidegger advocated a humane and free ethno-nationalist vision because the common good was always and has to be ethnic. There can be no common good without something in common and a conception of what "good" is. Strangers cannot form a society by definition. Using strangers to destroy society, however, is quite effective. As Lenin deliberately emptied Russia's jails of violent criminals, so too the ruling class in the west floods Europe and American with hostile migrants.

Soviet rule relied entirely on violence and chaos so that the ruling class can dominate as the only cohesive force in existence. So too in the US and Europe, the Jewish and capitalist parasite class requires constant chaos and the destruction of any "common good" in order for it to rule without fear.

The picture caption at the top reads "Down with Kitchen [or domestic] Slavery!" Ironically, this was issued as Stalin needed women to leave the home and go into the factories due to labor shortages. Soviets created ideological feminism to break organic association such as the family and create dependency on the Party.

Presented by Matt Johnson

The Orthodox Nationalist: Nationalist Philosophy vs Marxist Deception – TON 082316


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