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Truth Will Out Radio: The Conflict in Syria

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Sven Longshanks, Dennis Wise and Messerschmitt co-host Truth Will Out Radio, beginning with Part 3 of Schmitt’s presentation on Hans Joachim Marseille before later looking at the Syrian conflict.

Schmitt starts with a brief recap of the story do far before describing British Operation Battleaxe which was meant to defeat the German Afrika Korps with overwhelming force, but failed due to the bravery and superior leadership of the Germans, as the British authorities of the time even admit in their own documents which were published years after the war.

After that we return to the main subject of these presentations, flying ace Hans-Joachim Marseille. We are able to listen in to actual conversations between Marseille and his friend Stahlschmitt, as remembered by Stahlschmitt in a biography on Marseille. We learn how obsessed Marseille was with his plans of breaking up British fighter defensive circles in the air and how his superior officer reacted to him returning with his airplane full of holes, before he was able to master his craft and put his theories into practise. Some accounts then follow of how he nearly lost his life on several occasions before Dennis and Sven remark upon how blessed the pilot was to find his vocation. A narration of a successful dogfight with two British Hurricanes brings this part of the presentation to a close before a discussion about it then follows.

After that Dennis and Sven give their opinions and analysis of the conflict in Syria, with particular reference to this week’s ceasefire and the breaking of it by the US/EU/Israel criminal alliance.Assad recently gave an excellent interview in English where he completely demolished the Zionist narrative with logic, revealing that the American attack on the Syrian army base continued for a whole hour and with four planes. That could not have been an accident, this was a deliberate attack to take advantage of the Syrian army’s pledge not to respond. The Islamic terrorists were also aware this attack was about to happen, as they moved in to finish the job after.

Kerry has been accusing Putin of bombing an aid convoy, when the footage the Russians released clearly shows a ‘Rebel’ truck with a ground to air missile launcher on it travelling alongside. Instead of craters from an air attack, we next have pictures of burning trucks, clearly they had been hit by a missile launcher and not bombs. Dennis and Sven talk about this and some of the other media hoaxes to demonise Assad before broadening the discussion to include the other Arab Spring ‘revolutions’ and how the same pattern was used in each.

Finally the two hosts talk about how evil it is to take advantage of the White man’s empathy and generosity like this. Even our children have been affected by it, with one writing to Obama this week asking for him to find ambulance boy and rescue him. The truth is that Obama is one of the main warlords responsible for the bombing and devastation in Syria and he is the last person any White child should be looking up to.

Presented by Sven Longshanks, Dennis Wise and Messerschmitt

Truth Will Out Radio: The Conflict in Syria – TWOR 092316


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