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Truth Will Out Radio: Dennis Wise on the Big Debate


On today’s episode of Truth Will Out Radio Dennis Wise joins Sven Longshanks to discuss this week’s big debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Dennis tackles the issues that Trump brought up and Sven points out some of the tricks the studio used to alter the sound of Trump’s voice and make Hillary’s sound better.

Dennis thinks that Trump did not do as well as he could have done and feels he was holding back, although there were some killer putdowns in the first half hour. He was hoping to hear her being called ‘Crooked Hillary’, but instead he was being very respectful to her. This may help him appeal to new voters, but it is his aggressive approach which has won him all his support so far.

After giving his overall impression, Dennis moves on to the issues that the two were discussing. Hillary tried to attack Trump for not releasing his tax forms, but who cares about tax forms? Nobody wants to pay more tax than they have to, that is what accountants are for, to reduce the tax you pay. Concentrating on taxes is something the Left love to do, but it is very short-sighted and just based on the politics of envy. If you put taxes up on corporations, then they will either put the price up on their products or move their production overseas and either way the citizen loses out. Far better to reduce taxes like Trump suggests, which encourages production and new industry and prevents resentment over paying them.

Climate change was also brought up, which serves two purposes for the globalists. The first one is internationalisation, as you have to get all countries to sign up to be under one administrative body, which then has proxy authority over the economy of each one of those countries. The second thing it does is that it restricts industry in the western world, while encouraging industry in the third world, as they are exempted from the climate agreements due to being full of IQ related poverty and a lack of advanced technology. This means industry can move to the brown countries, pay lower wages and not have the same restrictions on energy use that they would have in the White countries. Trump is right to doubt the intentions and science of the climate change advocates and if he wants to put America First he needs to steer well clear of them.

After discussing immigration and the economy as well, the debate finished and instead of exiting the stage, Clinton walked down to the front and started glad-handing the audience as if all the cheers were for herself. In the British TV debates the rules stated that this was not allowed, yet Cameron still went ahead and did it, leaving the audience with the impression that he had won. Was Trump advised to leave the stage and Hillary advised to go to the front?

Dennis and Sven discuss all this and more in this weeks TWO Radio and Messerschmitt will be back next week with Part 4 of his Hans-Joachim Marseilles series.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Dennis Wise

Truth Will Out Radio: Dennis Wise on the Big Debate – TWOR 093016


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