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Truth Will Out Radio: Joseph Kennedy & Hans-Joachim Marseille

Hans-Joachim Marseille color

Sven Longshanks, Dennis Wise and Messerschmitt dig out truths and discuss them, in this week’s Truth Will Out Radio.

Messerschmitt starts with a presentation on Luftwaffe pilot Hans-Joachim Marseille (pictured above) who was a German citizen of French heritage. This presentation will be in three parts and the first deals with his early life and how he was a bit of a rebel at school until he found a teacher who took an interest in guiding his exuberant personality. Many of the most exceptional fighters during the war were strong willed and individualistic, but this was then channelled into being productive for the nation, unlike today where people are encouraged to just do their own thing and ignore the effect that it has on society. Just because some individuals became exceptional individuals, does not mean that all individuals will be.

Marseille went on to pass his exams and start training to become a pilot and Schmitt tells us some of his exploits, including landing on the autobahn to relieve himself and picking a handkerchief up from a pole with the tip of his wing. Soon after this he was engaging in dogfights over the channel but his rebellious nature had got him into trouble again and his superior moved to have him transferred to Africa, where Schmitt’s presentation will continue from next week. 

Dennis then tells us about Joseph P Kennedy, the father of JFK. He was the ambassador to Britain before and during the early stages of the war and was completely against sending America’s sons into battle again to die for nothing. He spoke about solving the Jewish problem by moving them to Africa or America and Sven asks whether this idea might have originated with the Madagascar plan that Goebbels had arranged. He was friends with Chamberlain who wasn't too bad, but was constantly having his suggestions ignored by Roosevelt.

He finally fell from grace when he stated that there was no democracy left in Britain, in response to Churchill’s claim that Britain was fighting to preserve democracy. One of his sons died when the explosives his plane was packed with went off, strangely fulfilling his prophecy of what would happen if America went to war with Germany. Jewish advocacy groups hated the man and have made him out to be a drunkard and a womaniser, because if the world had listened to him we would have avoided the war and the horrors that it brought us as a race. It would seem that they never forgave him for speaking the truth either, as his other son JFK was to be killed in suspicious circumstances too.

Presented by Sven Longshanks, Dennis Wise and Messerschmitt

Truth Will Out Radio: Joseph Kennedy & Hans-Joachim Marseille – TWOR 090916


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