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Truth Will Out Radio: Aryan Victory and Feminist Defeat

merkel      Nigel Farage as James Bond and Merkel will be next to lose at the polls

Sven Longshanks and Dennis Wise bring us a more informal episode of Truth Will Out Radio than usual, looking at the momentous win of President Trump and the spectacular failure of Hillary Clinton. It is rare that we have a win as large as this so we want to savour it for as long as possible. The night itself could not have turned out better, with the lying smile being wiped from the lips of our enemies just at the point when they thought they would be victorious. Watching the faces of the cucks and the traitors when they realised their fate has been absolutely priceless and the two hosts talk about the most memorable reactions they have seen, before Dennis gives us some insights into why Netanyahu has come out in support of Trump.

Obviously it is now in the best interests of world leaders to support him as nobody can afford to be isolated by the States, but there could be more to this particular endorsement. E Michael Jones has spoken about a rift among Jewry between J street and AIPAC, with J Street favouring the Iran deal and going after Putin and AIPAC wanting hostilities with Iran and peace with Putin. Trump has spoken a lot about how the deal with Iran cost America financially and that he may renegotiate it and this may be part of the reason why Netanyahu was so keen to endorse him. Trump has also not spoken out against Israel, but one of his policies is to stop all foreign lobby groups, which would have to include lobby groups for Israel.

Trump knows personally what liars the corrupt media are and it is hoped that he will do something about them when he gets in to office. The reason why many of the rioters are attacking American cities right now is because they have been brainwashed with this poison, but imagine how positive the effect could be if the media were promoting patriotism and pride in your ancestors? The two hosts talk about the power of the media and how in Britain TV producers regularly have group meetings with the government’s nudge committee to see where the social engineering is to go next. America must have the same thing and it is hoped Trump will use this to shape the minds of our young to be patriotic leaders in future, rather than self-hating sheep.

The whole week has felt like a public holiday, with election night being Christmas Eve and the best feasible present a Nationalist could ever be given arriving in the morning. 2018 is going to be a fantastic year, we could see California seceded and all the Blacks and Mexicans move there, we could see safe spaces in Syria that the intruders in Europe could be deported to, we will see abortion and gay marriage criminalised in America and the chances of Hofer and Lepen being president of Austria and France just increased dramatically. It really is a wonderful time to be alive.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Dennis Wise

Truth Will Out Radio: Aryan Victory and Feminist Defeat – TWOR 111116


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  1. I'm glad trump won over crooked Hillary but let's not overreact and ignore the fact all his grandkids are jews and hes a buisness man from jew York city I guess we can judge by what he does once in office.

  2. I LOVE that this will drive Europe, and all the European Colonial Nations to the Right! And, I hope that in turn they will drive the USA even further to the Right!

    1. Hey Unknown,

      Good point. With more synthetic deception-based political obstructive imposition removed, nature (or the created order) will necessarily work to restore itself according to the ever-consistent forces we call natural law. Nationalism (especially race-collective versions) are obviously a reflection of organic normal/natural tribal collectivism. It works great *without* predatory parasitic infestation.

  3. It was an amazing accomplishment. I hope he's learned to signal his base as to what type of support he needs as he proceeds. The political steamroller can work with the Right (pun intended) person and support team steering it. Time will tell.

    1. He will need all the support we can give him in the days to come, he will be right in the heart of a nest of vipers.


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