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The Orthodox Nationalist: Prince St Daniel and Mediaeval Russia


The topic for today’s Orthodox Nationalist presented by Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson is the Prince St. Daniel of Moscow (d. March 5 1303).

Daniel was prince under the Mongols, who used the natural ambition of the local princes to further their rule over the country.

The main players here were Galicia in the far west, Moscow, Suzdal and Vladimir close by, Novgorod in the northwest and Kiev, of course, the old capital of western Russia.

Daniel founded the dynasty of Moscow princes that only died after the Time of Troubles in the very early 17th century. Daniel, as well as his son Ivan I Kalita, were universally known for their strict morals, dedication to meritocracy and utter focus on Russia as a unified entity.

The main "rival" to Moscow was Tver at the end of the 13th century and beyond. Tver called itself the "Ruler of all Rus'" and the "Defender of the Orthodox Church." The Mongols, seeing this city as too westernized and too close to Lithuania (a major player at the time and largely Russian Orthodox), set the two cities against each other, with horrific results. Moscow stayed loyal to the pro-Orthodox Mongols rather than turning to the western powers.

It is important to keep in mind that there is some dispute as to whether or not the "Mongols" were actually Asians. In fact, there is precious little evidence for this. Chances are, the bulk of the "Mongols" were Slavs from the southern Steppe of Russia, more in tune with the modern Cossacks than the Chinese. Dr Johnson’s article on the subject can be found here.

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Presented by Matt Johnson

The Orthodox Nationalist: Prince St Daniel and Mediaeval Russia – TON 011817


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  1. Why do the orthodox go on & on about crusaders sacking Constantinople but say nothing about the slaughter of the Latins?
    If orthodox is the true faith,why did God allow Constantinople to be conquered by pagan Muslims?
    Rome has been subverted by Jews but the sedevacante has been since 1951 (not 1958!),not the late 1400's like Constantinople.
    I ask these questions in all due respect and would like the Catholics (Eastern & Roman Rite) to unite with the Orthodox like we did at the Council of Florence.300 years after the schism of 1054 we reunited.
    We can reunite again let's make it happen.One requirement is we must all reject the novus ordo false church and never ever refer to it as anything except a false satanic ecumenical sect.

  2. Romans can unite with and rejoin the church anytime. They just need to drop their heretical deviations and pride.

    1. Haha So very humble of you.Thankfully neither you nor I have any ecclesiastical power or authority.
      Would you please respond to my above questions?

    2. Were your orthodox forefathers heretics for reuniting with the Roman Church at the Council of Florence?

  3. Never mind my questions.
    I'm Roman Catholic you're Eastern Orthodox,we are brothers in our risen Lord Jesus Christ.

  4. Im am Blond, nobel and blue blood and I exist.
    I'm not a racist.
    It is voluntary to go to church
    I believe in diversity of man.

    You all know we choose side against Hitler
    Hitler were the biggest moron ever
    He broke our spirit
    There’s more than 5 mio fallen soldier’s whit our name and they did not work for Hitler.
    They marched to their death for freedom.
    We are king of the slaves and we sat you free
    In the 1600 ish there were only 2 left, we used all of our life to set people free

    We are nobel for a reason
    Dont try it at home, your family have to be kissed by the divine to survive

    1. Very confusing message,could you possibilly retype your statement?


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