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The Orthodox Nationalist: Rasputin and the War Against Trump


Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson presents a new edition of The Orthodox Nationalist, this week comparing the treatment of Rasputin (above) with Donald Trump, to show how the demonisation of them both serves the interests of the New World Order.

100 Years ago, Tsar Nicholas II was forced to resign his office. Today, the same forces have declared war on Donald Trump. Despite all the differences in life and culture, the situations have many striking similarities and show that it is the same ruling class and the same regime, involved in both over the generations.

The regime, that informal alliance of media, finance capital, academia and non-profit elites, has sought the overthrow of the Presidency and, in truth, the overthrow of anything that can interrupt the march of globalization. They are not being subtle or secretive about it. Reporters are openly calling for Trump's death.

In Russia from 1909 on, the British and Russian press were spreading the same sort of venom about Tsar Nicholas. Again the purpose was the same: to get rid of "retrograde" systems that prevented the complete domination of finance capital over the world. Zionist founder Theodore Hertzl said, "If you want to take over the world, learn Russian." The British knew this well.

In Russia, they needed a "monster," a figure they could then get people to associate with the monarchy. Nicholas was too popular for that. Rasputin, a man almost irrelevant to the life of the court and to Petrograd society, was used to create this image. The Provisional Government's “Emergency Investigation Committee for Misuses of Former Ministers and other Chief Executives” (EIC) was convened to discover all the evils of the royalist regime and they admittedly found absolutely nothing. One of the people they totally exonerated from any wrongdoing was Rasputin.

Trump is today serving as that monster. Saying almost nothing about race in his campaign, they have invented a non-existent creature called "Trump" that can personify all that stands in the way of their total domination: the rejection of free trade, nihilism and illegal immigration, a practice used to lower wages and exploit labor more effectively. The Communists and Anarchists work hand in glove with finance capital to destroy the enemy of globalization. "Trump" is today's "Rasputin," a non-existent monster we must be willing to mobilize and fight.

Americans are exhausted. Most own nothing, being so indebted that they owe more than they own. Most are overworked and stressed beyond endurance. Often drugged and unhealthy, the American is easy prey. For Russia, a healthier society, they needed something different, a monster, an "occultist" who had nullified the power of their "beloved monarch" though his terrible interference.

2017 is the 100 year anniversary of the end of Old Russia. The same people today see one more, and one final, obstacle against total globalization and totalitarian rule: Nationalism. If they win, its over. If we do, the battle is over from here on. The Regime today comprises all the newspapers, TV, universities, the CIA, all the banks and almost all corporate America. It is arrayed against President Trump, his supporters and the handful of nationalists the world over willing to fight. Only a miracle can win this.

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Presented by Matt Johnson

The Orthodox Nationalist: Rasputin and the War Against Trump – TON 012517


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