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Truth Will Out Radio: The Truth Behind ‘Denial’


Sven Longshanks and Dennis Wise present the first edition of Truth Will Out Radio of 2017 and this week they are looking at the Hollywood movie depiction of the David Irving libel trial. Dennis has watched the movie ‘Denial’ and then did some follow up research on what David Irving had to say about it. He starts by giving us the background to the trial, explaining that due to Lipstadt defaming him and calling him a denier during her conferences, Irving lost thousands of pounds in lost publishing revenue. He went to one of her talks and politely asked her to prove what she was saying and of course this is depicted in the film as him bullying her, when really it was the other way around.

Irving is portrayed as the bad guy in the movie, yet he was the single man taking on the might of the British judicial establishment and the whole of organised world Jewry, who all clubbed together to pay for Lipstadt’s barristers. Irving defended himself in court and just like today, the prosecution was more interested in proving he was a racist than they were in proving the facts of the case. The film misrepresents what he said, lies about Fred Leuchter and hides the fact the Israeli ambassador was in the court room to ensure the Judge came to the ‘right’ verdict.

Irving lost the case and was financially destroyed by it, but the movie makes Lipstadt out to be the heroine. We can only hope that attention is drawn to David Irving and his work due to this film. This man has really suffered for our cause and Dennis tells us how he was also jailed for a year in Austria, even though he never broke the law, but because he might have done so had he wished to. These heresy laws against questioning the history told to us the establishment are right at the heart of the New World Order system. There is no comparison to anything else in their strictness of punishment and this shows you just how terrified they are of the truth coming out. David Irving is a real life living hero.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Dennis Wise

Truth Will Out Radio: The Truth Behind ‘Denial’ – TWOR 010617


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  1. Possibly under pressure to save his family's reputation (one of his daughters is married to the last head of the MI6 Secret Service)sadly Irving is now alleging without a shred of evidence that 3 million Jews were exterminated in the Polish camps which has been proven false by other revisionist historians. There was NO extermination of Jews at any of the camps, no records, no bodies and no extermination proved. (btw Lipstadt's legal team were backed with twenty million pounds in Jewish funding according to Irving).


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