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The Orthodox Nationalist: Tsar Nicholas and the Black Hundreds – TON 022217


Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson returns with a new episode of The Orthodox Nationalist looking at the well known but largely maligned Union of the Russian People, otherwise known as the "Black Hundreds." As always, everything taught in American universities about these groups is false. Many are deliberate inventions intended to defend Jewish or Bolshevik power and many merely come from ignorance.

Tsar Nicholas called on the people to help him fight the wealthy, the bureaucracy and the ultra-liberal nobility in the masonic lodges. The Left demands a rigid, centralized bureaucracy while the Right seeks a decentralized, class-based form of internalized control. "Class" of course, has nothing to do with income. "Class" in the true sense is all about social functions.

The Black Hundreds, like almost all right wing movements of the era, sought a Zionist solution to the Jewish problem. Seeing Jews as universal parasites, sending them to the Middle East would solve this problem, by giving them their own land which would keep them from stealing from others. The British empire refused to permit this though, because they wanted to use the Jews as a Fifth column to overthrow the monarchy.

The Orthodox Church backed the Hundreds with very few dissenters. St. John of Kronstadt, the champion of the Russian worker, saw their solutions to the problem of inequality as being the most practical: The creation of peasant land banks controlled by state funds separate from the gold standard. With a revitalized parish, monastery and patriarchate, Russia would be reformed and brought back to its essence as the last remaining Orthodox power. Instead, British money created internal schisms, destroying the Union and permitting Jewish power free reign.

Presented by Matt Johnson

The Orthodox Nationalist: Tsar Nicholas and the Black Hundreds – TON 022217


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