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Truth Will Out Radio: Heinz Bar – Axis War Hero – TWOR 022417


Dennis Wise was absent for this episode, so this week’s Truth Will Out Radio just has Sven Longshanks and Messerschmitt co-hosting and the whole episode is centred around part two of Schmitt’s presentation on Heinz Bar. Schmitt begins by recapping up to where we left off last week, before describing an air battle over the Ukraine which left Heinz having to parachute out of his plane behind enemy lines. After making his way bare foot for forty miles and surviving on raw potatoes, Heinz eventually made it back safely with his sense of humour intact and was later rewarded with the Swords for this and other exploits.

Schmitt and Sven discuss the importance of following your gut instincts, after learning that this was the advice Heinz gave to the pilots who wished to learn how to shoot down over 200 enemy aircraft for themselves and after that, Schmitt describes another major operation during the war where Heinz and his team wiped out an entire airfield filled with deadly American and British planes. Goering had wanted to wait until the bombers were in the air before attacking them, but Hitler preferred to take them all out while they were sitting ducks. This took place at the height of the terror bombing of the German cities and Sven explains how Churchill goaded Hitler into attacking London and Coventry so that he had an excuse to do this to Germany.

Goering put a stop to Heinz being awarded the Diamonds to the Knight's Cross because he thought he was insubordinate. This probably stemmed from Heinz seeing Goering as an equal, rather than a superior. Although the Reich Marshall had been a top pilot during the first brother’s war, aviation technology had moved forwards in leaps and bounds since that time and his ideas about flying may not have been so practical as Heinz’ and Galland’s. He survived the war to become number eight in the list of most successful air fighter pilots of all time. His luck did not continue in civilian aircraft however and he would eventually die while test piloting a sports plane.

To finish the podcast Sven and Schmitt encourage listeners to support content providers on the Alt-Right by sending donations, or buying products such as Dennis’ new DVD set of Communism by the Back Door. Dennis is back home now and will be with us for next week’s episode.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Messerschmitt

Truth Will Out Radio: Heinz Bar – Axis War Hero – TWOR 022417


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