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Truth Will Out Radio: Honour, Charisma and a 25 Point Plan

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Sven Longshanks and Dennis Wise  are joined by Messerschmitt for a new episode of Truth Will Out Radio, to discuss Schmitt’s latest presentation on Heinrich ‘Heinz’ Bar, German flying Ace. Heinz started life as a farmer and Schmitt tells us some anecdotes about his younger years playing pranks on farmers and pinching turnips, before describing his glider training and eventual enlistment in the Luftwaffe. Several dog fights and lucky escapes are described along with quotes to show his quick witted sense of humour. There seemed to be a gentleman’s code of honour among the pilots during the war, they would often help to rescue one another once the other had been defeated and Schmitt recounts one tale where Heinz shares a cognac with the British pilot whose life he had just saved.

After discussing the presentation, Dennis talks about how the early meetings of the NSDAP would often be violently attacked by Communists. The Brownshirts were originally formed in order to protect the audience from these thugs and in one memorable battle with them, fifty brave SA men were able to defeat eight hundred rabid Leftists. The international bankers were terrified of what would happen if the people got to hear what Hitler had to say, as on top of having wonderful charisma and a natural magnetism, he also had the NSDAP 25 point plan. This plan is still applicable today, if a country were to carry it out then the lives of everyone would be improved.

There are similarities between what was happening back then and what is happening in America right now and Sven and Dennis discuss this and ask whether we might see something similar to the SA being formed, in order to protect civilians who want to hear conservatives and Alt-Righters speak. After Hitler came to power, the internationalists were able to use the White nations to make war against Germany, but this will not be so easy to do today if Trump refuses to buckle under their pressure. America is the most powerful nation in the world and manipulating the other countries into war against her is not an option.

Presented by Sven Longshanks, Dennis Wise and Messerschmitt

Truth Will Out Radio: Honour, Charisma and a 25 Point Plan – TWOR 021717


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