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Truth Will Out Radio: Pygmies and Freemasons


Messerschmitt joins Sven Longshanks and Dennis Wise for a new episode of Truth Will Out Radio to discuss his new Axis War Heroes video documentary on Joachim Peiper. After giving us a brief reminder of Peiper’s life story, Schmitt tells us some of the difficulties he had finding the right footage to use and some of the tricks he used to remove the water marks. Peiper was lucky to have his sentence reduced from capital punishment to life imprisonment due to being tortured, many of the others were tortured as well but this was not admitted by the authorities.

Dennis had some computer issues so Schmitt continued to talk about how he hopes to do a presentation soon on the early White explorers of Africa, as political correctness has meant much of what they did has been hidden from us. As well as discovering cannibals and gorillas, they were also the first to find the race of pygmies. These little people used to be quite common but are rarely seen now, as they make it very clear that skin colour is not the only difference between the races.

Dennis has been working on a video about Prescott Bush and his connections to National Socialist Germany and he talks about two Jews who tried to take Bush to court for millions of dollars, claiming it was back pay for their slave labour at Aushwitz. The defence was able to show that the workers in the camp did actually receive pay and Bush was found not guilty. This means that it has been admitted in a court of law and it could prove to be a useful piece of information when debunking the holohoax.

Prescott Bush was also a member of Skull and Bones and Hitler was the enemy of the Freemasons, so neither would have been wanting to work with the other and it turns out Bush was just the director of a bank that invested in German industry with a view to making a profit. It was not so the bank could influence Hitler at all. Since Hitler was fighting Communism and the factory owners knew they would lose their factories if Germany became Communist, they also wanted to help Hitler become chancellor.

Dennis also has a new video on a Freemason’s Bible which highlights Solomon’s temple and the Egyptian gods, just in case the owner got confused and thought the Bible was supposed be about Christianity. He and Sven discuss how Freemasonry has always had the goal of a one world government and how it sees the end as justifying the means. When you think like this, it can become very easy to justify doing some very wicked things, as if you were to stop before reaching the utopia, then all the previous evil would have been to no avail. National Socialism saw the end and the means as being the same thing, if you wish to cultivate virtue then the work towards doing that is also the end result.

Presented by Sven Longshanks, Dennis Wise and Messerschmitt

Truth Will Out Radio: Pygmies and Freemasons – TWOR 020317


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