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Truth Will Out Radio: Celebrity Weapons Against Whites – TWOR 030317


Sven Longshanks and Dennis Wise host a new episode of Truth Will Out Radio, this week looking at how foreign influence has turned all our entertainment against us. From movies, to television, music and books, all the well known content creators are deliberately pushing an anti-White agenda against us. This has been going on a long time and Dennis demonstrates this by listing some of the well known macho actors over the years who later turned out to be homosexuals. Thanks to them, generations of Whites grew up emulating homosexuals, when they thought they were looking up to virtuous White men.

As well as the gay agenda, Hollywood has continually pushed other harmful ideas, such as  adultery, race-mixing, feminism and even paedophilia, in films such as Lolita and in real life, by award winning directors such as Polanski. Alongside the movies, the television does the same, regularly featuring gay, trans-sexual and Black characters as selfless heroes in the soap operas. None of this is by accident, the government has a special department dedicated to shaping public opinion and this is the way that they do it. Even Walt Disney is now to feature an anally fixated character who ‘explores his sexuality’ with the leading man, in a remake of Beauty and the Beast.

This is what happens when you allow foreigners into your lands and apply the same laws you have for your own, to them. At the most basic level, all foreigners are either competitors at best, or threats at the worst. We are limited by territory and resources and every people group is going to instinctively do what is best for that people group. Whites have been conned into thinking we should be doing what is best for humanity as a whole, when what that means in practice is doing what is best for the other races and not our own, while they just continue to demand more. Whether it is law making, film making, music making or political representation, it all has to be created by us if we want to be certain it will not be going against our own interests.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Dennis Wise

Truth Will Out Radio: Celebrity Weapons Against Whites – TWOR 030317


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