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Truth Will Out Radio: The Secret Masonic Victors of Dennis’ New Series – TWOR 032417


Sven Longshanks and Dennis Wise are back with another episode of Truth Will Out Radio, this week looking at some of the subjects that will be covered in Dennis new documentary series ‘The Secret Masonic Victory of World War Two.’ First though is some news from Alison Chabloz, the alternative musical comedienne who is being hounded by Jewish groups for poking fun at them in her songs. Her court case has been adjourned now until July 17 and is based around claiming that two of her songs are ‘grossly offensive.’ They are not offensive enough to actually break any Youtube guidelines, but when has that ever stopped the Jewish groups from trying to use the police and court system to do their bidding? This just goes to show how much power and influence this ethnic group has, within our midst.

Dennis new series will be looking at the Masonic role in the Bolshevik revolution, both world wars, the Spanish ‘civil’ war and onwards to today. Franco’s Spain is not something that gets covered much in the alternative media, but they were just as anti-Masonry as the other fascist states. Dennis’ new documentary will talk about the Masonic role in starting this war and draw parallels with the ‘civil war’ today in Syria, which also has many other countries involved than just Syria. All these wars and revolutions are to benefit the bankers and oligarchs, they use the Masons and other secret societies to destabilise a government before putting their own people in power. Dennis and Sven discuss the source of these groups and why there is such a high proportion of police and intelligence operatives involved.

The Masons like to claim they go back to Hiram Abiff and Solomon’s temple, but it is much more likely they were influenced by Herod’s temple than Solomon’s. The Masons claim they are descended from the Templars and the poor knights of the temple of Solomon were digging all around the area of Herod’s temple in Palestine and they even worshipped a head, which could have been the head of John the Baptist who Herod had executed. 

The Truth community like to call the New World Order fascist and this is due to the important role that the corporations played in Mussolini’s Italy. But these corporations were not there to make the most profit from the consumer, they were there to ensure the best possible product/trade/utility etc  would be created for the Italian people. This confusion leads to Truthers calling the EU fascist, when the truth is, it is anything but. Hopefully Dennis’ new series will help to bring more people from the Truth community to the Alt-Right, as many of the subjects covered will be like these and have cross-over appeal.  

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Dennis Wise

Truth Will Out Radio: The Secret Masonic Victors of Dennis’ New Series – TWOR 032417


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