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Albion Narrations: Frontkampfer by Et Wolsink Part 5 – AN 042817

NIOD01_AG0344, 22-05-2002, 12:49,  8C, 3716x5020 (2175+2484), 100%, NIOD POSTER AG,  1/40 s, R69.1, G30.6, B28.9

This is  the true story of how a Dutch teenager followed the National Socialist ideology from boyhood to death in old age, how he fought on every front in the Second World War and how he continued to serve his Fuhrer through victory and defeat.

Dutchman Et Wolsink saw the growth of National Socialism in Germany and Europe and he lived through those historic years. This series of Narrations is an eye-witness account of that history, beginning with his time secretly in the Hitler Jugend before working his way up to SS officer in the Brother’s War and finally to the traumatic post-war period, where those who were deemed to have fought on ‘the wrong side’ were starved, tortured and in many cases executed.

This series is history as told and seen at first hand by one man who was right there in the thick of it, who took part during the war and after and who helped make history.

In today’s episode, Et goes after Tito and the Communist partisans in Yugoslavia with the Brandenburg zbv800.

Presented by Sven Longshanks

Aryan Narrations: Frontkampfer by Et Wolsink Part 5 – AN 042817


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